Batik Peranakan Memperkaya Sofistikasi Batik Indonesia

Batik Peranakan Memperkaya Sofistikasi Batik Indonesia
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Penulis: Irwan Julianto

Ini pengantar untuk pameran koleksi batik Tionghoa Peranakan Indonesia saya dan Jane Kurnadi yang bakal berlangsung di Bangkok Art and Culture Center 4-6 Agustus pekan depan. Sebuah perjalanan budaya batik Peranakan selama seabad terakhir yang ikut memperkaya sofistikasi batik Indonesia hingga ke tingkatnya sekarang, yang diakui sebagai warisan budaya dunia.

Qilins and Phoenixes – Indonesian Chinese Peranakan Batik

In 2009 batik of Indonesia was inscribed as a World Cultural Intangible Heritage by UNESCO. This recognition was given to the contribution of various group of Indonesian society, especialy inhabited in Java island to the development and sophistication od this outstanding textile art of Southeast Asia.

However, only few people are aware of the international impact of batik, which have been an important inspiration for visual art and textile production since the end of the nineteenth century. After influencing the development of Dutch Batik in Java for a century (1840-1940), Javanese batik and Dutch batik contributed significantly to the creation and establishment of Indonesian Chinese Peranakan batik. It was indeed a cross-cultural encounter and manifestation.

The tradition of batik, wax resist-dyeing textiles is still flourishing up to now, including the use of Chinese symbols and designs intermingled with Javanese and Dutch motifs. This exhibition depicts the title of “Qilins and Phoenixes” as two most important values among Chinese people, including the diaspora in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia. Qilin means prosperity, while the phoenix as long life. It will show a glimpse of Indonesian Chinese Peranakan batik as a centennial cultural journey.

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Irwan Julianto, a visual art lover, textile enthusiast and collector, member of the Indonesian Society of Textile (Perkumpulan Wastra Indonesia). He is the founder of the Indonesian Cross-Cultural Community (Komunitas Lintas Budaya Indonesia) which published “Indonesian Chinese Peranakan – a Cultural Journey” and “Javanese Batik to the World” books.

Jane Kurnadi, a prominent designer and quilter. Graduated from School of Visual Art and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology (1995) and Master of Industrial Design Human Factor, Design Academy Eindhoven, AIVE (1997). Founder and owner of Perca, a small quilt company which has emplyoed several dozens of home made quilters in Riau, Sumatera. She has inherited old Peranakan batik from her grandmother, especialy the famous Tiga Negeri (Three Towns) batik by three generations of Tjoa family in Solo, Central Java since 1910. Some of them will be exhibited at BACC.

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